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Shakashaka (Proof of Quilt) è un rompicapo con regole semplici e soluzioni stimolanti.

Le regole sono semplici. Shakashaka è giocato in una griglia rettangolare. La griglia è formata da celle bianche o nere.
L'obbietivo è di piazzare triangoli neri nelle celle bianche in modo che formino aree rettangolari (o quadrate) bianche.
- I triangoli hanno angoli retti e occupano la metà di una cella bianca divisa diagonalmente.
- Puoi piazzare triangoli unicamente nelle celle bianche.
- I numeri nelle celle nere indicano quanti triangoli adiacenti ci sono, verticalmente e orizzontalmente.
- I rettangoli bianchi possono essere sia dritti o ruotati 45°

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Q. What am I supposed to do? :)
Note - there are only perfect rectangular (or square) white shapes in the solution.
Q. What are these numbers for?
A. Each number indicates exactly how many triangles should be drawn around it. Black cells which do not have numbers inside can be surrounded by any number of triangles.
Q. What is not allowed?
A. These are all cases where it will be impossible to form a rectangular white shape.
Q. Where do I start?

Think logical. As an example take a look at this puzzle:

Note the 3 on the bottom edge - it only has 3 cells around it so all of them should contain a triangle. 2 of those triangles can be placed in only one way. 
You can also mark with dots the cells which don't contain a triangle for sure - in this case on the sides of the 0.

When you place a triangle you can be sure that it is a part of an edge of a rectangle. It can either continue in the same direction or turn at 90°. A simple way of thinking is that if the edge bounces when it hits an obstacle:

Note the 0 and the cells which we already marked as white. The only way to place a triangle between them is this:

Each edge of a rectengle should have an opposite one like this:

In time you will discover your own patterns and strategies which makes solving shakashaka fun.



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